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Checklist to Adjust Your Withholding

Checklist to Adjust Your Withholding

March 27, 2023

Remember when receiving a check from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was a cause for celebration?

But now, is getting a check from the IRS a good fit with your lifestyle? This may indicate that you have been overpaying your taxes during the year, effectively providing a year-long, interest-free loan to the IRS.

Our team has created a tax filing checklist designed to help you review some of the items that may be causing you to overpay your taxes.

Remember, this checklist is for informational purposes only and is not a replacement for real-life advice, so consult with your tax professional before making any changes to your overall tax strategy.

Our team is here if you have any questions about this checklist. Our offices may have some resources that can provide insights into your tax questions.