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Your Personal CFO

As your Personal CFO, Destiny Financial Group is your go-to advisor.

We help you build and navigate a financial path that’s all about you – the path that reflects your family, career path, and retirement needs.

Unlike big-name brokerages that use transaction-based salespeople to sell you financial products, we have a fiduciary responsibility to look out for you – to look at the big picture of your financial life and work solely on your behalf.

More than just stocks, bonds and mutual funds, we consider insurance plans, annuities, alternative investments including reits, estate planning, tax implications, and more.

As your Personal CFO, we will:

  • PARTNER with you, step-by-step, as your trusted advisor.
  • CREATE a big picture view of your financial health.
  • BUILD a financial plan in accord with your life goals.
  • SERVE as a trusted partner during significant life events.
  • ALLEVIATE the hassle of financial management.
  • HELP you pass on your wealth to family and heirs.

Most importantly, we develop a deep client trust.

This trust is based on open communication and a common sense approach to financial planning.

The decisions we make together, regarding your financial destiny take into consideration every aspect of your financial life, values, and goals.

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